2016 Bentley Mulsanne EWB launched with NASA gigapixel image

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Source : 2016 Bentley Mulsanne EWB launched with NASA gigapixel image

Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase If you printed This kind of big giant image, such as a football stadium. This kind of consist of 53 billion pixels


Why Mars as well as the brand-new Bentley Mulsanne extending the wheelbase in common? We’ve all been through papped by some of the highest resolution cameras inside the planet.

Why I hear you ask? Because Bentley decided to use the camera with technology through the Mars Rover NASA to photograph the brand-new luxury saloon in crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in California than 700 meters. Still confused? stay with me.

final image, which former Autocar snapper Simon Stoke taken, the data is usually so heavy that will This kind of takes four hours to download as well as save an average of your laptop. This kind of features a 53 billion pixels as well as are using hundreds of high-resolution as well as stitching together images to create 1 image. This kind of photo is usually so great that will if This kind of were printed in Autocar in its full glory, page magazine could be the size of a football field. not bad luck pressing This kind of through your messages.

So what does This kind of level of detail you get? Study the picture in its entirety as well as extended wheel base Mulsanne looks tiny because they reflect the length of the bridge. that will in itself is usually amazing, given that will This kind of is usually a long Mulsanne more than 5.8 meters.

zoom as well as suddenly Bentley grow as well as grow, although still surprising that will the high-resolution. The picture was so high resolution that will you can zoom right to get seats inside the Mulsanne clearly producing every one of the 4,500 stitches in Bentley’s headrest logo. Amazing.

may still be thinking so what? as well as to be honest, before I jumped inside the back seat for the brand-new extended wheel with the Securities as well as looked at his picture on the iPad while absorbing surrounds me, as well as I was also a bit underwhelmed. although two minutes inside the engine began to realize that will This kind of huge picture of the level of detail as well as serves as a perfect metaphor for the complex show a level of detail the designers as well as craftsmen Bentley going to create the final product.

Did you know, for example, that will the champagne glasses, housed in a case beautiful finish between the rear seat passengers, made of hand blown glass as well as feature design of the 2011 car wheels original Mulsanne on their base? Or that will Bentley has worked tirelessly in order to allow for an ideal level of noise through the 6.75-liter V8 car to penetrate into the cabin so passengers can relax, although always aware of the strong force, which lives inside the line of attack?

the back of the cabin features all handmade crust, metal, glass, leather as well as all hand fitted as well as sewn, as well as even ashtrays inside the doors feels like a quality product. The rear seats can be adjusted in many ways producing sure that will they can hold anything through bolt upright position of the Office to develop a nearly flat.

as well as then there is usually the vast amount of customization buyers can identify with their cars. This kind of is usually likely to be the same no two cars

Of course, This kind of level of detail as well as exclusivity comes at a cost: £ 275,000. although if you’ve got the money, you just could, right?

You can see the original image at maximum resolution here .

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Source: 2016 Bentley Mulsanne EWB launched with NASA gigapixel image

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