2016 Beijing motor show preview

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Volkswagen Beijing Concept largest automotive exhibition in China opens its doors on April 25th, along with here’s what you can expect to see


greater returns for China Fair Beijing later that will month, along with to provide the best manufacturers chance to show off a brand new metal inside largest auto market inside globe.

will be a big part of the exhibition contain China designs specific – You can view some of them here – however without studying the cars can expect by the more familiar brands

Audi TT RS

insiders expect hotter type of Audi ‘s latest TT to announce in Beijing that will month. Audi has refused so far to confirm the date of their arrival, however recent spy shots confirmed nearing the end of development of the pre-production stage, Beijing along with put on top of her on the likely disclosure dates.

Coupe along with Roadster type can be planned, with both likely to be powered by petrol all 5-cylinder turbo engine. However, the idea can be still unclear if the RS will use a copy breathing on a 2.5-liter, which can be characterized inside Audi RS3 . In both cases, the idea can be likely to exceed total output 350bhp.

Porsche 718 Cayman

have already met with 718 Boxster , however equivalent solid to her, along with 718 Cayman , yet to be shown in public. Although the idea had confirmed anything, the idea seems likely that will the coupe will be shown in Beijing, along with the same flat-four engines such as the Boxster.

Boxster gets to choose the 296bhp 2.0-liter or 2.5-liter diesel 345bhp four, so we can expect similar (if were not identical) technical progress with Cayman.

that will would certainly be the first Cayman to slot in below the Boxster Porsche line-up, so the pricing can be also likely to be less than before. We expect a starting cost somewhere inside middle of the £ 30,000 range.

Mazda CX-4

SUV midsize Mazda has already broken cover thanks to a collection of photos leaked , however the idea will not make its official debut until Beijing.

along with takes effect by Koeru Cross Coupe concept to watch the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, along with will sit between the CX-3 along with CX-5 SUV Mazda group.

Perhaps surprisingly, the idea will not come to the United Kingdom, along with instead has been described as China’s style -focused.

Infiniti QX concept of inspiration Sports

Infiniti has teased us with 1 picture of her QX sports car concept inspiration , which can be likely to preview the SUV next production can compete with Porsche Cayenne along with BMW X5 .

teaser reveals a dimly lit part of the nose of the auto, which indicates that will the auto get out a future with muscular lines.


announced MG that will the idea will be detection of the SUV all 5 seats in May in London gallery, however sources assume that will will also be present in Beijing that will month.

The style can be already on sale in China , however the idea was a copy of the United Kingdom focused on spotted testing that has a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. MG said earlier, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine turbo with 217bhp be available as well.

concept Volkswagen Touareg

along with concept Volkswagen went to Beijing not officially Touareg concept, however the idea can be likely to be a preview of the auto style next production generation of that will due 2017.

uses angular concept of the components inside generation of the hybrid force, which produces 381bhp along with 516 lb-ft of torque , along with the idea can run in full electric mode for up to 50 miles. inside most economical situation, that will concept can be also capable of more than 94mpg combined.

China can be famous for its replicas. Click here for the history of Chinese tradition image gallery car .

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Source: 2016 Beijing motor show preview

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