2016 Autocar Awards to be held at Silverstone

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Source : 2016 Autocar Awards to be held at Silverstone

Autocar Awards On May 24 we will salute the best in addition to brightest inside automotive industry, in addition to the designation of the winners of 2016 industry


in addition to the brand new look distribution ceremony Autocar Awards will be launched at the Silverstone circuit race inside May 24 gala dinner can be likely to attract some of the auto industry to the event a brand new look.

Awards will be held at the prestigious Silverstone Wing complex in addition to starting at 6:30, with the winners being announced throughout the evening. The event follows on by the gallery CDX cars are a big successful, let down by the media was organized inside same place during the day.

at the height of the evening Autocar awards will be in addition to Issigonis Trophy, which honors a person who has contributed most to the health in addition to excellence in addition to competitiveness of the industry, European cars, in addition to the award Sturmey, named after the founder of Autocar by in 1895, which salutes innovation in addition to achievement inside automotive industry.


Autocar also recognize all the cars of which a few-star result achieved the coveted road test during the past 12 months. various other awards champion the reader, which identifies the best car readers Autocar Award “for sale today, the Innovation Award, which recognizes the ingenuity of art, in addition to the hero of used cars, which can be the largest purchase by the Autocar in used teacher automobile James Robert’s. As will be revealed Autocar in design in addition to engineering in addition to motor sports heroes on the night.

during the evening will recognize Autocar also leaders based inside United Kingdom inside industry, who have made the most important contribution to the industry in This specific country inside eyes of the judges in addition to the game Changers, in addition to cars of which have done more to move the automotive industry, or of the authors, forward inside past year.

“,” he said in recent years has gone ceremony Autocar star by strength to strength, in addition to I’m happy of which we right now have an opportunity to host an evening awards be in line with its position as a brand excited Britain’s oldest in addition to most trusted brand manager Autocar Rachel Prasher. “We look forward to putting on a great evening of entertainment in addition to recognition of all of the highest achievements inside industry of the 12-month years. “

Jim holder, editor Autocar manager, added:” The situation Autocar within the industry, a well-established in addition to prestige of the awards we have, to ensure an exciting evening for all who attend. We’ve had the events of prizes can be always a unique flavor, choose the home of sport British cars to host This specific year’s event could not be more suited to the values ​​of which underpin Autocar. “

tickets to the ceremony Autocar Awards are on sale right now.

you can read about last year’s show here , viewing gallery of the event above.

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Source: 2016 Autocar Awards to be held at Silverstone

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