2016 Aston Martin DB11 leaked in completely new image

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Source : 2016 Aston Martin DB11 leaked in completely new image

Aston Martin DB11 leak leaked image of the show’s event detection replace DB9 Aston Martin. your vehicle will get a completely new platform in addition to a completely new 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine


a completely new image of the DB11 Aston Martin has been leaked to the Internet for initially before the global car inside the exhibition Geneva motor .

last picture, which shows the front of your vehicle for initially, that will will be known that will taken inside the detection of a special event for customers, in addition to posted on social media. Previous leaks have shown the back of the completely new car.

The completely new DB11 will lead to revive the brand Aston Martin also said the company will be looking to replace all of the core sports cars inside the next 5 years under coach Andy Palmer.

has shown

images of the former spy that will Aston Martin has been the implementation of the final test on the DB11 before its launch inside the market. Autocar has seen in addition to DB11, in addition to special design that will differs by the current DB9, while retaining several basic Aston Martin cues.

appearance DB11 to take design influences by modern concepts such as Crossover DBX , unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, in addition to CC100 , which was established in 2013 to celebrate 100 years of the brand.

Although the DB11 will be unlikely to retain many of the qualities that will appeal to traditional buyers Aston Martin, that will will be set to be a product brand completely new with completely completely new foundations, Inside, engines in addition to more.

will include

engines 5.2-liter twin-turbo completely new V12 with about 600bhp in addition to, later inside your vehicle’s life cycle, AMG V8 engines.

blog – Why AMG tie will so far only up

in addition to DB11 will be the direct successor of DB9 , which has been on the sale since the spring of 2004. as will be the case with the move to the DB7 DB9, Aston Martin in addition to hop number to reflect the considerable modifications, although This particular time there will be a car between them. in addition to DB10 appeared inside the latest James Bond film, the ghost, although made only 10 examples, all of the film. The auction will be a one-time for charity.

will be believed to be a DB11 newly engineered structure, albeit one that will has been created using the same principles of the VH platform. that will will be bonded in addition to riveted structure that will would certainly be flexible enough to form the basis of additional designs inside the future.


Aston Martin to create a structure inside the home rather than share any of the aluminum structure of Mercedes AMG GT , although the partnership the two companies.

generation Aljdid- VH platform can, therefore, part of the credit in addition to the next will be likely to be the production edition of DBX. Platform was created by an engineering team headed by long-time Aston Martin employee Ian Minards.

also developed

lightweight suspension will be all-completely new in-house in addition to will be characterized by the bones of the double wishbone front in addition to rear. Reduce the weight of the suspension components in addition to thought that will was a very difficult task. that will will be likely that will AMG partnership had an impact here, though, with some parts are likely to be taken by the German brand.

Despite This particular, that will has been dealing with the development of your vehicle on the British influence will be clear, that has a former Lotus engineer Matt Baker, an official for initially. Baker Aston Martin joined in 2014 after 26 years inside the Lotus. in addition to hired specifically to work on the following designs such as General DB11.


one group to return to the Aston Martin line-up will be the manual gearbox. that will will be believed that will This particular step to be drawn by Andy Palmer, head of the company. in addition to the current DB9 comes with only paddles mounted on the steering wheel of the six-speed automatic in addition to guidance tray speeds, although This particular will be set to change with the DB11. will be a six-speed manual gearbox will be likely to be offered along with the sources ZF- eight-speed automatic tray modern speeds.

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will be not detected precise details of engines destined for the DB11, although that will will be likely that will the group units will be provided. The partnership between Aston Martin in addition to AMG makes that will more likely that will the DB11 will be offered with 4.0-liter V8 by the German company. This particular can be a unit of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which has the power outputs ranging by 456bhp to 503bhp.


The company also said that will will be building a completely new V12, which will adopt a dual turbocharing. Limit the ability of V12 to 5.2-liter will be a part of the company’s efforts to bring down CO2 emissions of less than 333g / km of DB9. DB11 will be likely to be stronger than DB designs after, though, that has a 600bhp power output inside the prospect area.

DB11 will grow by a few inches above the DB9 in addition to will be planning to build a longer wheel base to give the completely new car interiors more spacious. DB9 in addition to saw that will you do not have enough Inside space to allow for use as a car day after day, with room inside the rear seats have negligible at best.

Day inside the Life Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer

Aston Martin will be planning a completely new product to be more honest four seats in addition to plans to Palmer in addition to DB11 to be the backbone of the group company .

will be completed

extra room through the design of the cabin airier, in addition to thanks in part to the dashboard completely re-drafting. Fascia style that will remained largely unchanged since its launch in DB9 have been canceled in favor of a completely completely new structure. that will will be much cleaner design in addition to supported the completely new electrical structure entirely.

inside the middle will be the completely new media system, which will be likely to be the most obvious evidence of ownership Daimler will be 5% of the Aston Martin. Although that will will be unclear to what extent will be seen Mercedes parent Daimler effect, that will DB11 has been able to take on the elements of the latest information in addition to entertainment used in Mercedes designs systems.


Recent spy shots of test mule with, large digital counters inside the same style as the latest S-Class Mercedes. “Showed your vehicle itself testing the central controller clean, although that has a group of Mercedes buttons down the side, which refers to the parts sharing will exceed instruments, including satellite navigation system.

DB11 sales will not be until later to kick off in 2016, with the fall or until the winter probability launch.

cars will shape the completely new era of Aston Martin

DB11 Stagecoach (2017)

that will will be expected that will a convertible edition DB11’s will go on sale about 12 months after the coupe. as with the coupe, the Geneva show debut will be likely before its launch in late 2017, which could coincide with the addition of AMG engines V8.

credit (2018)

the smallest car inside the Aston group will be the main product for the next replacement, in addition to the date of the launch will be expected in 2018. We expect to use a similar set of engine design DB11.The will depend heavily on the auto DB10 Bond. A roadster edition of the likely again, too.

DBX (2019-2020)

larger completely new product of Aston, in many senses, will be a production edition of the concept of DBX. that will will be likely to reach the end of the decade Cross. Prime Minister David Cameron has openly encouraged the Aston Martin to build your vehicle on the site in Wales.

Salon (2019-2020)

The completely new sedan will be a substitute for Rapid, will be scheduled at the end of the decade. that will will be supposed to be larger in addition to more spacious than theRapide can carry Lagonda, who recently returned for £ 696 000 Parties Lagonda name.

defeat (2020)

flagship two-door Aston will be likely to be one of the last designs to replace them. that will has been appointed a completely new defeat for the show about 2020, in addition to again will be offered inside the choice of bodystyles coupe or convertible.

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Source: 2016 Aston Martin DB11 leaked in completely new image

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