2015 Zenos E10 R review

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We thought This specific would likely, as well as This specific looks like This specific is usually: Zenos is usually sticking around If every brand-new sports car project of which came along succeeded, we’d need to double our server capacity just to keep up. Sadly, most brand-new projects don’t succeed, although you could see the Zenos E10 S was special when This specific first arrived; of which there’s something about This specific, something credible, of which the people in charge had a plan: make a car people want to buy, not just the vehicle you want to build.By the end of the year, then, 80 Zenos E10 Ss, lightweight, two-seat sports cars with no roof, will have exited the factory gates at Wymondham in Norfolk, with founder Mark Edwards – co-founder Ansar Ali has taken a back seat although remains a supporter as well as shareholder – predicting of which 0 cars will be sold next year.Currently production is usually sold out until April, as well as by the end of January’s Autosport International Show he’d like orders for well over half of the year.So who’s buying E10s? as well as what do they come out of? Edwards says there is usually no typical buyer. Some have had motorbikes although currently have families, some flit between additional lightweight brands with no particular loyalty, some have big collections.although what has surprised Edwards is usually of which the E10 S, a 2.0-litre, 250bhp car with no weather gear, isn’t necessarily the preserve of track-day enthusiasts.We’ve found This specific rides pretty well, having a flow as well as lightweight agility not unlike an early Lotus Elise. Maybe of which’s part of the appeal for road-based drivers, although ditto too the fact, I suspect, of which This specific’s priced through an entirely attainable £29,995 – the purpose of the Zenos exercise inside first place being to bring a brand-new although also relatively affordable car to market. This specific’s possible of which track enthusiasts want something a little more hardcore as well as are prepared to pay for This specific.As if by magic, then, here is usually one, the Zenos E10 R. At least, a development prototype. This specific’s the “fastest, most focused as well as most thrilling product yet”, according to the press Discharge as well as, you suspect, a car of which Edwards as well as the team just quite fancied building. They think of which perhaps 20 or 30 of next year’s production will be This specific R product, which features a 2.3-litre Ford Ecoboost engine as well as significantly more power than the E10 S.The glib way to look at This specific is usually of which This specific’s the Ford Focus RS motor. Which is usually not entirely accurate. Yes, This specific’s the same base unit, sourced through Hendy Power, one of Ford’s approved engine suppliers. although instead of the Ford-specific Focus state of tune, Zenos gets its 350bhp at 6000rpm as well as 349lb ft at 4000rpm via a Specialist Components ECU.Given a dry weight of 700kg, of which’s enough for 500bhp per tonne, alhough in road trim This specific’ll work out a little less than of which.additional improvements between E10 S as well as R have been born through choice rather than necessity. the vehicle needs no more cooling ducts so the bodywork remains entirely unchanged – essential when your ethos is usually keeping costs lower – although the 2.3-litre engine comes having a bigger intercooler of which’s 40% more efficient.additional than of which, Zenos has fitted lighter wheels (saving 2.5kg a corner), a six-speed gearbox (the S gets a several-speed unit, with the six-speed ’box available as an option) as well as the S’s uprated brakes, plus composite seats with four-point harnesses. Pricing stays having a fairly clear structure: the S was under £30,000, the R is usually £39,995. Performance? Zenos reckons of which, taking advantage of the traction offered by its mid-engined structure, 0-60mph will be possible in three seconds, having a top speed of 155mph.
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Source: 2015 Zenos E10 R review

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