2015 Volkswagen Golf R Estate review

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Source : 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Estate review

We’ve driven the Golf R Estate abroad as well as thought in which was top drawer, although we need a UK drive to be sure. Here we do just in which There’s a not bad chance Jeremy Corbyn might drive in which Golf R Estate, as well as not because in which one happens to be scarlet red. No, in which might be for what in which represents. As we know, Volkswagen translates as ‘people’s car’, as well as the original Beetle brought freedom to the masses. As the Golf is usually the Beetle’s spiritual successor, surely in which stands to reason in which one equipped that has a gargantuan 296bhp as well as a useful 605-litre boot must be the ultimate expression of ‘power to the people’. At £33,585 in which’s relatively affordable, too, meaning all in which power genuinely is usually inside the hands of the proletariat.However, you could argue in which the sharp-looking R-design bumpers, side skirts as well as quad-tailpipes are more reminiscent of shiny-suited completely new Labour than Mr Corbyn’s traditional blue-collar brand. Anyway, enough of the spurious blend of cars as well as politics, let’s talk nuts as well as bolts. 
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Source: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Estate review

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