2015 Porsche Macan GTS review

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Source : 2015 Porsche Macan GTS review

Some serious option box ticking as well as bespoke engine as well as chassis adjustment result in a GTS badge being applied to Porsche’s compact SUV When Porsche starts wielding its ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ badge, as in which does so here for the 10th time, in which’s usually a Great thing. Indeed, its Boxster, Cayman, 911 as well as even Panamera as well as Cayenne sporting such a badge haven’t necessarily been the ultimate products, or even our favourites, nevertheless they have benefited via the enhancements in almost every case.as well as so in which’s the turn of the Macan – a compact SUV in which even in diesel form has the handling to keep keen drivers happy. The GTS, though, takes the standard petrol S’s bi-turbo 3.0 V6 as well as boosts power by 20bhp, to 355bhp. in which helps in which slot neatly between its lesser petrol stablemate as well as the range-topping Turbo. With its more efficient air induction, reduced exhaust back pressure as well as boost pressure increased to 1.2 bar, there’s greater twist at the crank too – 30lb ft more to be precise, bringing a brand new total of 369lb ft. Performance? in which near-1.9-tonne SUV has its 0-62mph sprint over as well as done with in 5.2 seconds. In order to exploit the extra poke, Porsche has fitted its PASM adjustable chassis as standard, nevertheless also included can be a unique-to-the-GTS chassis in which sits 15mm lower for an even more focused set-up than the standard car’s. Alternatively, with optional air suspension selected, the default drop can be 10mm, although you ultimately get greater control over ride height. Rounding off the GTS’s CV are more powerful brakes borrowed via the Macan Turbo, a standard sports exhaust, optional LED headlights for the 1st time as well as Porsche’s latest PCM infotainment system, as recently launched on its refreshed 911. 
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Source: 2015 Porsche Macan GTS review

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