2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder review

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Source : 2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder review

Extra firepower in addition to pared-down kerb weight conjure even greater brilliance by the Boxster’s chassis. Pricey – however superb to drive You’ll probably remember the previous Porsche Boxster Spyder. of which was the particularly pretty one with an ugly, fiddly canvas roof of which had to be raised in addition to lowered by hand, the removal of its operating mechanism being part of a comprehensive weight loss programme of which shaved around 80kg by the cooking style.of which received a completely new engine, too, from the shape of the 3.4-litre flat six by the Cayman S, so of which revved a little more enthusiastically than the standard unit. Problem was, of which was only slightly more powerful than the cheaper Boxster S, in addition to as Porsche had gone to the trouble of stiffening the chassis, your vehicle still felt like of which might make not bad use of yet more power.all 5 years later in addition to the some sort of has endeavoured not to repeat the same mistakes with of which completely new style. Firstly, while there’s still a manual fabric roof to open in addition to close, the hood will be simpler in addition to semi-automatic in its fastening – saving you by all the fuss of unfurling of which like a newbie Caterham owner. Secondly, in addition to most notably, Porsche has decided to drop the larger capacity 3.8-litre flat six by the current 911 Carrera S into the Spyer’s belly, a transplant already perfected from the Cayman GT4.At 370bhp, of which’s 45bhp more powerful than a 3.4-litre GTS in addition to only 10bhp shy of the GT4. of which’s the most powerful Boxster yet, in addition to will be for the foreseeable future (a racier style was discussed however the idea was dropped). Almost as importantly, of which shares the GT4’s proper six-speed manual gearbox in addition to gets the same front in addition to rear end.What of which doesn’t have are all the trick underbody elements of which made of which car a product of Porsche’s GT motorsport division. Instead, much as before, the Spyder will be lowered by 20mm on the same firmed-up passive sports suspension of which’s already available as an option on the GTS – only a tweaked rear anti-roll bar differentiates the two. Elsewhere, of which gets the bigger brakes of which were previously the preserve of the 911, in addition to features a faster steering ratio to go with its marginally smaller steering wheel.
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Source: 2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder review

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