2015 Porsche 911 facelift – development ride

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We join Porsche’s development team to test early prototypes of the facelifted Porsche 911 ahead of its Frankfurt motor show debut


The updated 991 generation of the Porsche 911 will make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt motor show – in addition to for once, the adjustments are more than just tweaks to the outdoor styling in addition to specification.

Most notably, the 911 finally gives in to emissions legislation in addition to switches by a normally aspirated flat-six engine to a twin-turbocharged motor.

We’ve ridden with Porsche’s development team, which has been thrashing four prototypes of the auto on roads based out of Cape Town in South Africa. Our trip was actually in February, nevertheless in which’s peak summer in SA, with an average daily temperature of 26.5deg C.

Judging by the exteriors of the test mules we experienced – in addition to even taking into account the patchwork of bandages over their bodywork – in which could appear in which there will not be any significant adjustments inside the 911’s styling. in which’s clearly time to focus on the rear-mounted motor.

In principle, downsizing in addition to turbocharging are the simple, quick answers to the completely new emissions standards in which will kick in by 2020. In practice, in which’s far by a simple transition – particularly when you’re trying to replace an atmo engine with thousands of development hours in addition to countless improvements behind in which. One of the existing 911’s standout characteristics is usually the sharp response in addition to smooth power delivery – so the turbocharged engine has to provide more than pure grunt.

August Achleitner, the vice-president in charge of product development for the 991 series, says Porsche will not give up the exquisiteness of the normally aspirated flat six, even with the reduced engine displacement in addition to turbocharging. He’s less forthcoming on what the engine’s capacity will be, nevertheless our guess is usually somewhere around 3.0 litres.

This particular falls in between the 2.7-litre engine of the Boxster in addition to Cayman in addition to the 3.4 engine of the current Carrera. Stick twin turbos on a 3.0 in addition to you could develop the required 400bhp-odd for the base style, with only a modest tweak required to produce the 20bhp hike in which should come with the Carrera S. Achleitner says the target fuel economy is usually just over 40mpg – without any notable sacrifices in performance.

by the passenger seat, the difference between the turbocharged engine in addition to the normally aspirated motor is usually mainly throttle response. This particular gives Porsche a potential problem, because the standard Carrera will need to have a different character by the 911 Turbo. Achleitner says Porsche did consider relocating the intercooler – attaching in which to the rear engine cover instead of its traditional position in front of the rear wheelarch – nevertheless in which made the air intake so complicated in which efficiency became a concern.

To compensate, then, Porsche’s engineers have added a Sports Response Button (SRB). in which has four options – 0, S, SI, in addition to I – in addition to sets corresponding throttle opening levels to enhance the engine response, while minimising the turbo lag.

For example, S is usually used for highway driving, in addition to SI is usually for sports driving on a circuit. ‘I’ stands for individual, allowing you to configure the throttle setting to your own preference. We weren’t able to try these settings for ourselves – nevertheless in which’s an interesting in which Porsche has considered in which a necessary solution.

In any case, we suspect in which the 911 has moved on considerably since our time with in which. After our miles in South Africa, the prototypes were due to head for Canada in addition to severe cold weather. in which may officially be a facelift, nevertheless This particular incarnation of 911 represents one of the biggest steps inside the auto’s history – so in which’s no surprise in which Porsche is usually taking no chances.

Yoshihiro Kimura

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Source: 2015 Porsche 911 facelift – development ride

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