2015 Mercedes-AMG A45 facelift spotted – first pictures

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Source : 2015 Mercedes-AMG A45 facelift spotted – first pictures


The facelifted Mercedes-AMG A45 is actually due to go on sale within the UK This specific autumn

Mid-life revisions for Mercedes-AMG’s A45 performance hatchback could boost its total power output to 375bhp – enough to topple Audi’s latest RS3

These are the first spy pictures of the facelifted Mercedes-AMG A45, which is actually due to go on sale within the UK This specific autumn.

The hot hatchback, which will at This specific point be badged under the Mercedes-AMG performance brand alongside staples such as the C63 in addition to the fresh GT, has been spotted testing in southern Europe. 

As part of the design’s mid-life revisions, Mercedes is actually likely to enhance the power output via the A45’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine to beyond the 355bhp of the current car. Mercedes will be looking to eclipse the 362bhp offered by the fresh Audi RS3’s 2.5-litre several-cylinder turbocharged motor. 

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has already revealed to Autocar of which the updated A45 will be “the most powerful again” when This specific goes on sale. Sources have suggested of which the power upgrade could mean the A45 comes with as much as 375bhp, which will be enough to take at least 0.1sec off its 0-62mph time, bringing This specific down to 4.5sec. This specific’s likely the auto’s top speed will remain limited to 155mph.

AMG insiders told Autocar: “We’re not going to simply rest on our laurels. We already have certain developments in store for the M133 [the internal codename for the A45’s engine] of which will see us retain a competitive edge if in addition to when our rivals do catch up.”

Mercedes is actually also thought to be taking the opportunity of the A45 AMG refresh to offer greater visual differentiation between the full-house AMG design in addition to lesser A-Classes of which can currently be specced to look very similar to the A45. A fresh in addition to distinctive grille is actually among the items of which will be used by the A45 in addition to not made available to any cheaper A-Class design.

The German firm could also follow the example set by the GT in addition to C63 by offering two versions of the A45, using a more potent ‘S’ design following on via the standard car.

Even without its power upgrade, the Mercedes-AMG A45 already offers more power than some rivals, including the fresh Ford Focus RS, which gets 316bhp via its 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine – although of which design does possess the benefit of all-wheel drive.

Mercedes’ return to the top of the hot hatch power tables could be short-lived, however, at This specific point of which Volkswagen has confirmed of which This specific is actually preparing to put the 395bhp Golf R400 into production. Although no launch date has yet been set for the R400, which is actually based on the Golf R, VW technical chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser recently confirmed of which the project was in development.

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Source: 2015 Mercedes-AMG A45 facelift spotted – first pictures

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