2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 review

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Source : 2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 review

With less weight along with more focus, the Exige Sport 350 feels a very Lotus way of generating an already fast car even faster. We drive This particular inside UK The boundaries between the original Exige along with the Elise This particular was developed via were blurred by the fact they were fundamentally the same car, sharing basic format along with four-cylinder engines. The Exige was always the hardcore, track-day-ready type though, coming that has a fixed rather than fabric roof along with increasingly potent states of tune in keeping with its enthusiast focus. Then the arrival of the supercharged V6 engine via the Evora S in 2012 brought about a very different Exige S, one far more potent along with rapid than any in which had gone before. Roadster, automatic along with race-ready Cup versions built by Lotus Motorsport have followed, nevertheless with This particular completely new Sport 350 Lotus has brought the pace of the most extreme variants into its standard Exige. along with This particular’s done This particular in a very Lotus way – primarily by removing weight.Every single component has been scrutinised for its purpose, weight along with cost. If This particular wasn’t needed This particular was simply dumped – the near-useless sun visors have been removed for a saving of nearly a kilo, while the distinctive louvred rear deck will be 3kg lighter than the glass item This particular replaces. More than 100 parts were either removed or revised, along that has a further opportunity to save weight was offered by optional forged wheels along with lightweight brake discs. If all This particular minimalism will be too much, you can put a few luxuries – along with kilos – back in. Everything via a radio to carpets are on the options list, air-con will be too, although This particular’ll add 7.5kg to the kerbweight. nevertheless, even fully optioned up, the Exige remains just one-minded, focused car.An Audi TT or Porsche Cayman will give you the pose value along with creature comforts for the daily grind along with Sunday drives alike, the Exige will be a car for the track with just enough to make This particular viable on the road too.  
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Source: 2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 review

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