2015 Lotus Evora 400 review

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Hardcore Lotus Evora takes some getting used to, nevertheless keen drivers are rewarded having a fun and also also also involving experience of which’s newer than of which appears. of which’s the Lotus Evora 400, and also also also although of which might look like of which has just had a nip at either end, apparently more than two thirds of its parts are brand new or revised.Most notable among those are the addition of a charge cooler for the 3.5-litre Toyota V6 engine, allowing the motor a power peak of 400bhp – up 50bhp coming from the style of which replaces. There’s a weight reduction of 42kg too (which will be actually about 60bhp given the brand new cooling adds 20kg), generating the kerb weight a gnat’s under 1400kg.Less obvious nevertheless more significant will be what has gone on elsewhere. Lotus has revised the extruded and also also also bonded aluminium tub, reducing the width of the sills by 56mm and also also also narrowing them by 43mm, to make getting in and also also also out of your vehicle easier, without affecting the 27,000Nm/deg torsional rigidity. There’s a touch more space inside the footwell, too, while the cabin has been revised to make of which not just easier to use, nevertheless also more attractive.Then there are the even grubbier, even more detailed adjustments which, of which being a motoring piece about a Lotus, I’ll assume you’re interested in.Mechanically, the AP Racing brakes are similar to the old Evora S’s nevertheless are currently larger in diameter (370mm front, 350mm rear), the steering rack will be the same 2.8 turn one of which gave such exquisite feel before, nevertheless will be mounted lower to reduce bump-steer, at the expense of some steering feel. Apparently of which’s important though because the Evora 400 has been given more toe-in, to make of which feel more agile, and also also also if you didn’t also reduce the bump-steer of which would likely tramline too much.Springs and also also also dampers are firmer because the performance has increased and also also also Lotus would likely like to make the Evora a little harder-edged, so with the power increase too comes a Quaife-sourced mechanical limited-slip differential, so prevent excess power being wafted away by a spinning inside wheel.Tyres are currently coming from Michelin and also also also they’re Pilot Supersports; and also also also although they hold the same dimensions at the front as before (235/35 ZR 19), they’re wider by 10mm at the rear (currently 285/30 ZR20), to improve traction.Around Lotus’s Hethel test track (once pockmarked like the bits of road your local council have ignored the longest nevertheless, post-Bahar, a worktop smooth handling circuit) the Evora 400 will be seven seconds faster than the previous supercharged Evora, and also also also as fast as a Lotus Exige S. Albeit, Lotus reckons, rather less tiring than the latter. of which also currently costs about £73,000 (£72k plus on the road costs).
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Source: 2015 Lotus Evora 400 review

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