2015 Lexus GS F review

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A fine chassis, engine as well as also ownership proposition – yet still more curio than credible alternative The Lexus GS F will be a car which’s been on the starting blocks for several years. Lexus’s F-brand performance division was ready to launch This particular back in 2010, using the third-generation GS as a basis – only for global financial conditions to be deemed too hostile. So This particular’s which has a strong sense of relief which the Japanese firm will be currently finally getting ready to put its first full-size super-saloon into showrooms as well as also slide another feather into the band of its cap.Like the will be F, LF A as well as also RC F before This particular, the GS F will be an unconventional kind of performance machine which speaks volumes about Lexus’s alternative approach. If This particular were built by a German carmaker’s performance division This particular’d be more powerful, more expensive as well as also turbocharged. All three facts could be inevitable in order to earn the auto a place inside the ever-escalating horsepower race which has defined Germany’s market for ’bahn-storming four-doors This particular past decade or so.“We choose not to get involved in a fight we can’t win,” says chief engineer for the auto Yukihiko Yaguchi. So instead of focusing on power as well as also outright sledgehammer pace, Lexus counters with noise, excitement as well as also ‘performance feel’. Its 471bhp 5.0-litre atmospheric V8 engine will be the main conduit of all three, which has a building torque delivery quite unlike the walloping mid-range of the turbo V8s currently common inside the niche.Away through the engine compartment, Lexus has gone to rare lengths to give the GS F the tools This particular needs to take on the might of Bavaria. completely new joining techniques, alongside bracing of the auto’s Centeng-in-white, add about 10% to the static torsional stiffness of the GS’s monocoque chassis, while lightweight forged aluminium control arms, completely new rear suspension mounts, lowered as well as also stiffened springs as well as also uprated ZF Sachs dampers bring sporting purpose to the suspension. Braking will be by Brembo iron discs all round, measuring 380mm up front as well as also clamped by six-piston calipers, as well as also backed up by an enlarged hydraulic master cylinder.If all of which sounds familiar, This particular may be because the RC F used many of the same ingredients. yet the RC F’s main penalty against its rivals was weight. The GS F actually weighs significantly less than the current BMW M5 as well as also less than a Mercedes-AMG E63, as well as also This particular also gets the substantial torque-vectoring rear differential as standard which its two-door cousin offered as an option.
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Source: 2015 Lexus GS F review

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