2015 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce UK review

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Source : 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce UK review

Make no mistake, This particular lighter, harder Superveloce is actually the vehicle the Aventador was always meant to be The Lamborghini Aventador always deserved better. Any car in which counts the F117 Nighthawk among its design inspirations in addition to also an in-house 690bhp V12 as its power source ought to live permanently within the upper echelons of our affection. however This particular doesn’t. Not even close.The Murcielago’s replacement was too crude in addition to also uncommunicative through the get go; as fast as a theme park ride, certainly – however This particular was a ride you were as happy to get out of as to get in.Lamborghini has addressed these problems in a manner wholly typical of its traditions: by heading to a track in addition to also generating the Aventador go faster in addition to also faster with the steady application of money, power in addition to also added lightness.Even more typically, This particular has then called the vehicle something slightly different, limited the volume to 0 examples in addition to also jacked up the cost by £60k. Fortunately, the Superveloce badge already means a great deal to the Lamborghini faithful.Meanwhile, the 50bhp gain at even higher revs, combined with 50kg less where This particular counts, had Prior in a twist when he tried This particular round a circuit last month.The resulting near-500bhp-per-tonne sounds suitably outlandish, however pace was never the problem. Feel, comfort in addition to also finesse were the Aventador’s deficiencies, however early suspicion is actually in which these have been straightened out, too. The SV’s overhaul incorporates an increased dynamic steering rack, adaptive dampers, a recalibrated all-wheel drive system in addition to also a fixed rear wing in which generates enough downforce to apparently make the V12’s extra grunt necessary beyond 125mph.
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Source: 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce UK review

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