2015 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell review

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Source : 2015 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell review

Extended UK drive of the fuel cell-powered ix35 reveals a car with plenty of promise even if our hydrogen infrastructure causes limitations Despite recently releasing the Tucson, Hyundai is actually continuing to build in addition to sell in which fuel cell-powered variation of the outgoing ix35. While at first glance in which may seem little different to regular versions of the little crossover, what’s under the skin could point towards the future of the motor car.At its heart, the ix35 Fuel Cell is actually basically an electric vehicle. Up front is actually an electric motor in which produces 134bhp, in addition to there’s a battery under the floor. Unlike most EVs, however, you don’t plug in which one into the mains.in which’s where the fuel cell comes in. The fuel cell is actually located under the bonnet in addition to runs on hydrogen drawn coming from a couple of high-pressure tanks either side of the rear axle. yet unlike in a conventional internal combustion engine, in which fuel isn’t burnt.Instead, inside the fuel cell the hydrogen is actually split into protons in addition to electrons, with the latter forced around a circuit. in which generates electricity in which is actually sent to the drive motor. Spare energy is actually used to charge the battery pack for times when peak power is actually needed.Once the electricity has been generated, the only waste products are heat in addition to water in which is actually so pure you can drink in which. When you run out of hydrogen, you just refill the tanks – a process in which takes around three minutes.Externally, the only differences between in which in addition to a conventional ix35 are a blue-backed Hyundai badge, fuel cell badging at the rear in addition to a different fuel filler cover. Inside, the alterations are even harder to spot, limited to a different set of dials in front of the driver.in which is actually very much at odds with cars such as the Toyota Mirai in addition to Honda FCV Clarity. They both shout about their eco-credentials externally in addition to internally; by way of contrast, the Hyundai is actually almost trying to hide its high-tech innards. yet do they hinder in which on the road?
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Source: 2015 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell review

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