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Because the F12’s 730bhp wasn’t enough: Ferrari’s limited-run F12tdf comes with more power, less weight in addition to a radical rear-wheel steer system Un mostro? Ferrari’s F12 is usually not a car in which ever struck me as wanting for power. the item actually doesn’t feel like the item needs more nor, at least without significant modification, should the item be given the item. however here we are: the Ferrari F12tdf, a special design of the F12, limited in production however unlimited in ambition.the item’s called tdf to reference the old Tour de France road race, which Ferraris won quite a few times, however only ‘F12tdf’ in name in addition to not actually ‘F12 Tour de France’. The two-wheeled, pedal-powered Tour de France owns the Tour de France moniker, so only the Tour de France can actually say Tour de France. Follow?Anyway, the tdf the item is usually, in addition to the item gets lots more power than an F12, in addition to, thankfully, plenty of some other modifications to go with the item. Ferrari’s special 12-cylinder car programme has inside the past provided us with the 599 GTO, of which 599 were made.Ferrari suggests the 799 tdfs in which will roll away via Maranello will be just as extreme, providing a front-engined Ferrari V12 with hitherto unmatched levels of agility. There are several ways you can make a car feel more agile, in addition to Ferrari has done all of them.One is usually adding more poke: so the tdf gets 770bhp instead of 730bhp, thanks mostly to an easier-breathing inlet on the 6.3-litre engine in addition to race-derived mechanical rather than hydraulic tappets, which are noisier however lighter in addition to allow a higher rev limit – some 8900rpm.Another method is usually to reduce weight, so the tdf is usually 110kg lighter than the F12, thanks to the removal of much of the Inside (Alcantara in addition to carbonfibre replaces leather in addition to aluminium), in addition to the replacement of much of the aluminium bits on the outside with carbonfibre.however the easiest way to introduce agility to a car is usually simply to fit the item with massive front tyres. At the start of the development process, Ferrari did just in which – fitting 315-section F12 rear wheels to the front, in addition to then even slick tyres to the front, to see what the result was like.Hilarious however perilously unstable is usually the short of the item, which meant Ferrari couldn’t just leave the item like in which. in addition to here its marketing men rather like to use an aerospace analogy: inside the same way in which a modern fighter jet is usually designed to be inherently unstable in order in which the item’s incredibly agile, so too was the tdf.in addition to where a modern fighter uses electronic control systems to make the item flyable, Ferrari uses active rear steering to make the F12 tdf driveable again. They call the system a ‘virtual short wheelbase’, or ‘passo corto virtuale’ to be precise, although the item’s not strictly accurate in either language – the item’s the wider front tyres, 285 section rather than 255s, in which increase the agility in addition to make the auto feel like the item’s shorter.The ZF rear steer system, which weighs around 5kg, can add up to a degree of toe in or out thanks to electromechanical actuators acting on a toe link, in addition to almost always turns inside the same direction as the fronts (except at manoeuvring speeds), is usually used to put stability back in.In effect in which lengthens rather than shortens the wheelbase again, however semantics aside, the aerospace analogy isn’t unfounded. Either way, Ferrari likes the system so much the item’ll use the item again in future. So significant are these things in which beyond them the modifications are mere details.The aerodynamics are enhanced – the auto’s a little longer as a result, while the rear track is usually wider because of the active toe modifications. Gear ratios are 5-6% shorter, enough to reduce the 0-62mph time to 2.9sec, in addition to spring rates are stiffer, by 20% – a difference you’ll feel “within a metre”.The cost, if you’ve been invited to buy a tdf – in addition to you’ll own at least a few some other Ferraris in addition to be known by the company “very well” if you have – is usually £339,000.
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Source: 2015 Ferrari F12tdF review

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