2015 BMW M6 Competition Pack review

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Source : 2015 BMW M6 Competition Pack review

Significant upgrades to the M6’s Competition Pack only serve to lift its appeal even more A completely new BMW M6 derivative. There already was a Competition Package for the BMW M6. I don’t know why the idea needed replacing – the standard M6 already has 552bhp, as well as the old Competition Package lifted in which to 567bhp.nevertheless let’s face the idea, who doesn’t like a horsepower number in which starts having a six? So, an upgrade to the upgrade the idea will be: the old Competition Package will be no more, as well as a completely new one offers 600hp, or 592bhp in imperial money.in which’s not all: This specific completely new Competition Package will be more… competitiony. Springs as well as dampers have been upgraded, as have anti-roll bars. The electronically controlled limited-slip M-differential gets its own ECU, the stability control programme has its own tune, as does the steering, while there’s an Akrapovic titanium ‘zorst.When I say the suspension will be ‘upgraded’, mind, what I mean will be ‘stiffer’. The dampers are still adaptive, so you do get some say in how rigid they are. The chassis, like the steering as well as the engine/transmission response, can be put in Comfort, Sport or Sport+ – individually, or together, as you prefer. 
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Source: 2015 BMW M6 Competition Pack review

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