2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Minor modifications to the 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed mean the item keeps gaining creditability. can be the item right now ready to be accepted as a ‘proper’ Bentley? The Bentley Continental GT has had to contend with the whiff of nouveau riche hanging around its exhaust pipes since the item arrived in 2003. The once cordial as well as symbiotic Rolls-Royce as well as Bentley marques were traditionally purveyors of enviable, hand-built chariots for the well-heeled gentleman or lady.However, from the aftermath of the break-up of Rolls-Royce as well as Bentley – which was inevitable after Volkswagen had scooped the company via under BMW’s nose in 1998, only to find the item didn’t possess the licence to use the Rolls-Royce name – there was huge pressure to engineer quickly a fresh, cheaper car. One which would certainly hopefully sell in numbers hitherto unimagined by anyone at the old Crewe factory, rejuvenate the brand as well as begin to recoup VW’s investment.The result was the Continental GT, essentially a mass-produced design built using a VW Phaeton chassis having a fresh Centeng. the item can be constructed in Germany rather than at Park Ward, then shipped to Crewe for assembly as well as sale to a burgeoning, cash-laden group of individuals which fancied something which sported a Bentley badge although which was a bit less stuffy.as well as the item wasn’t just voyeurs which were sniffy at the Continental’s more mainstream build methods as well as get-rich-quick patina. I was selling Bentleys at the time, as well as took a group of expectant customers on a factory tour guided by one of the old-guard workers. He firmly nailed his colours to the mast which afternoon.Asked by one of the soon-to-be-owners why he’d spent well over an hour waxing lyrical about the Arnage line, then perhaps 30 minutes at best viewing the GT’s build process, our man unashamedly exclaimed in full-on Cheshire drawl: “Well, we have two companies here. Bentley on This particular side, as well as VW over there. as well as I work for Bentley.”although for all his as well as everyone else’s lamenting of the modifications at Crewe, there’s no doubt which the Continental has, in all its forms, not only saved Bentley via ruin although also transformed the item into a huge success.which success can be like the proverbial runaway train, so here we are, 12 years on, looking at the latest incarnation: the 2016 design-year Continental GT Speed. What’s fresh? As with the rest of the Continental GT range there’s rebooted styling, led at the front by a remodelled bumper as well as slightly smaller grille. The most distinguishing features are the fresh ‘B’ motifs incorporating an air vent on the reprofiled front wings.At the rear there’s a reskinned boot-lid as well as a wider-looking bumper which on the Speed as well as V8 S versions incorporates a more pronounced diffuser. There’s also fresh wheel as well as outdoor colour choices, while inside you’ll find a different steering wheel, a more sensuous knurled finish to the gearshift paddles as well as the addition of a SIM card which enables onboard wi-fi.Most notable can be the cylinder deactivation which’s been introduced on all the W12 engines. This particular switches via running on 12 cylinders to six for better efficiency when you’re on a light throttle as well as above 3000rpm. Don’t get too excited though: the Speed will still slurp fuel at an enormous rate, although at least the item should get you farther between fill-ups
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Source: 2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed

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