2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia – brand new 'Ferrari-derived' V6 engine revealed

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Source : 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia – brand new 'Ferrari-derived' V6 engine revealed


This kind of Autocar image shows how the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia could look

All-brand new Alfa saloon will emphasise character over ‘soulless’ German rivals, according to brand boss Harold Wester

The brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be likely to be powered by a ‘Ferrari-derived’ V6 engine when This kind of goes on sale. Alfa Romeo in addition to Maserati boss Harold Wester has given away some strong hints in which show how Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles will re-invent the Alfa Romeo brand ahead of your vehicle’s launch.

Talking at a recent Maserati event in Italy, he described the established German premium cars as ‘mostly cold in addition to clinical…these cars have no soul’ in addition to suggested in which the future Alfas might – like today’s Maserati designs – be sold on character in addition to charm rather than Teutonic efficiency.

The first all-brand new Alfa Romeo type, understood to be the Giulia, will be scheduled to be unveiled in Milan on 24th June at the Expo Milan. 

Very little hard information about the brand new car has leaked out over the last three years, partly because the development team has been working in a stand-alone industrial facility near Modena, home to both Ferrari in addition to Maserati factories.

However, Wester told Autocar in which the first brand new type might be a ‘mid-size’ saloon. This kind of’s thought in which your vehicle will be known internally as the ‘Type 949’ in addition to will be likely to go on sale in spring 2016.

Autocar understands in which your vehicle will be rear-wheel drive in addition to the structure substantially brand new, although This kind of does share some elements with the Maserati Ghibli. All-wheel drive will be optional in many markets.

Despite the desire to set Alfa apart via German cars, This kind of will be thought in which brand engineers have worked hard to give the brand new car dynamics in which at least match the class leaders.

Wester also hinted strongly in which future brand new Alfa designs might not feature the latest semi-autonomous ‘self-driving’ technology, something in which might not be in tune with the brand’s ‘soulful’ character.

In April This kind of year, Fiat Chrysler also announced in which This kind of might invest 500m Euros in building two brand new engines for the revived Alfa brand at the Termoli facility in Italy.

The entry-level engine will be described as an ‘advanced, high-output, four-cylinder engine developed for Alfa Romeo’. The motor will be likely to be the next-generation replacement for the highly regarded 1750 TBi engine currently used inside Alfa 4C.

Today’s engine will be noted for developing 235bhp via 1750cc in addition to 260lb ft of torque via just 2100rpm. The next-generation engine could develop as much as 298bhp in its highest production tune.

The V6 engine will be also described as ‘specially developed for Alfa Romeo’ in addition to will be thought to be the same base unit in which will power the rumoured ‘brand new Dino’.

The brand new engine plant will be likely to be turning out pre-production engines by September in addition to the production capacity of 0,000 units suggests in which Fiat Chrysler has ambitious plans for the brand new saloon.

The key to the Giulia being taken seriously in established premium company will be an updated type of the sophisticated ‘Compact’ platform in which underpins the Giulietta.

Fiat says in which 0% of the platform will be made up of ‘high-strength’ materials, featuring such technical niceties as a cast aluminium ‘shear plate’ to brace the front chassis legs, greatly improving rigidity for better steering in addition to suspension control.

The Giulia’s underpinnings are the third iteration of This kind of architecture. The second-generation Compact platform, which will be wider than the Giulietta platform, currently underpins the Dodge Dart in addition to the Chinese-market Fiat Viaggio. The Giulia gets a further update of the Dart platform, having a longer wheelbase in addition to a rumoured complete upgrade of the independent rear suspension.

Alfa has worked on the Giulia project for many years, with confirmation of your vehicle’s development first coming in 2009, having a mooted production date of 2011. in which date was then moved to 2013 as then-boss of Alfa Romeo Sergio Marchionne was unhappy with your vehicle’s styling, as well as manufacturing issues.

This kind of’s understood in which Alfa bosses dropped the idea for a luxury SUV in favour of the Giulia project – though in which decision may change with Maserati’s Levante SUV on the horizon.

brand new Giulia ‘crucial’ to Alfa Romeo relaunch

The Giulia will be the first brand new type to come via Alfa Romeo’s latest relaunch, in addition to, therefore, will be crucial in cementing the reputation of the famous however fading brand. Speaking at the Geneva motor show This kind of year, Wester admitted in which Alfa had “over promised in addition to under-delivered” inside past.

A replacement for the old Alfa 159, the Giulia must come with all the qualities deemed to be important to Alfa Romeo vehicles. These are known to be beauty in addition to character, designed to “put the driver at the centre, provide an exceptional driving experience while being inclusive in addition to egalitarian, in addition to display authentic heritage”.

Wester said: “These are not cars to be driven, however to drive. We want owners to feel in which they’re an integral in addition to indispensable part of the machine. The dynamic element will be an important portion of what we do.”

The Giulia will be currently being developed at a secret location, with only a few engineers tasked with bringing This kind of to market. Once on sale, however, 0 people will be employed inside brand new skunkworks division. Alfa will be aiming for annual sales of 400,000 units by 2018, a significant shift via the 74,000 units sold last year.

Wester will be under no illusions about the challenge. “We’re living in a world of fierce competition,” he said. “What will be absolutely clear will be in which every car must be significantly better than the target competitors.”

These are “the three German brands, plus Lexus inside US. however the worst strategy will be to position against another product. This kind of’s about finding out what the customers want.”

Alfa’s rebirth – eight brand new or revised designs on the way

The Giulia will be set to arrive first in saloon form, having a Sportwagon type following soon after. This kind of’ll sit alongside current Alfa Romeo products including the Mito, Giulietta, 4C in addition to 4C Spider. Key rivals for the Giulia in Europe include the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series in addition to Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

However, your vehicle will be joined by eight brand new or revised designs by 2018 as Alfa seeks to restore credibility. Speaking to investors in Michigan last year, Wester said the revitalised Alfa Romeo might offer “best-in-class rear in addition to all-wheel drive architecture for global products”, echoing previous comments via Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne in which Alfa will focus predominantly on rear-drive machines.

After the Giulia’s launch, however, This kind of appears the company will exit the sub-compact market in which the Mito currently competes in. Instead, Alfa’s product plan for 2016 onwards allows For two main cars inside compact segment, the Giulia, a full-size saloon, two SUVs in addition to a brand new “speciality” offering inside vein of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The product plan also allows for high-performance Cloverleaf-badged variants of the brand new designs.

Proposals for an Alfa Romeo-badged SUV date back as far as 2003, when the Kamal concept car was revealed at the Geneva motor show.

Alfa’s future cars will choose via a pool of a few engines, three petrols in addition to two diesels. Two of the petrol-fuelled engines will be four cylinders, with the some other being a six-pot, while four- in addition to six-cylinder diesels will be offered.

The Italian company hasn’t revealed specific performance figures for each unit, although the six-cylinder petrol could produce around 500bhp in its most powerful state of tune.

inside presentation to investors, Alfa acknowledged in which striking past designs such as Brera, 159 in addition to Spider had “missed the historical DNA of the brand”. This kind of, This kind of admitted, had enabled “our German competitors to build up a phenomenal lead over us over many years”.

The DNA, says Alfa, comprises “advanced, innovative engines, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, unique technical solutions, class exclusive power-to-weight ratios in addition to groundbreaking in addition to distinctly Italian design”.

The company says the Alfa Romeo 4C marks the start of a return to This kind of process in addition to will be “the perfect embodiment of the brand’s DNA”.

Additional reporting by Mark Tisshaw, Richard Bremner in addition to Darren Moss

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Source: 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia – brand new 'Ferrari-derived' V6 engine revealed

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