1985 Dacia Duster road test – Throwback Thursday

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1985 Dacia Duster road test - Throwback Thursday , along with the latest generation of the Dacia Duster is actually a victory automotive value for money, although the original variation for a bus pass alluring look


in 2012 we tested Dacia Duster , SUV deal of Renault Romania brand subsidiary.

we were strongly in terms of value seem impossible for money – just £ 8700 impressed, you can get “SUV compact Great-looking, with spacious, This kind of is actually cheaper than Ford Fiesta .”

in This kind of same review also mentioned of which the original Duster, sold inside the 1980s, was “excessive terrible car so of which makes a pass bus looks attractive.” Ouch.

although of which was Autocar road test of the past very very critical? We tested the “raw Romanian Way” on August 21, 1985.

along with Duster, aims to “farmers along with companies of which need to be the backbone of light, which may have to work in difficult conditions,” can be purchased as pick-up or “VAN, with 1400cc “racy”, engine 65bhp under the hood.

“motorists who spend much of their time tootling around town in something like a Ford Fiesta or Renault 5 are often impressed by the capabilities of a car built due to This kind of purpose off-road, “We started out some of his rivals, obviously, is actually for life.

” due to This kind of reason, the Dacia Duster could earn a Great deal of the People, “along with continued,” because by comparison with the average car 1500CC private passenger you, Duster along with, in fact, doing amazing things inside the rough, off-road conditions. “

Duster can be yours for” at an attractive cost tag of around £ 6000, which is actually £ 4000 cheaper than the Land Rover short wheelbase. “

in 1985 was the Duster fact ARO 10 (no, we do not) rebadged for the UK market.” Chassis along with bodywork along with the design of the Roman original, “he explained Autocar.” Suspension of the engine along with equipment operation along with effective Renault 12 components made under license. “

while Renault did not acquire Dacia until 1999, they did not participate inside the working relationship for several years before.

Introduction fair through Autocar, then, although he soon began to go down.” along with condemns its low cost for the assets in Eastern Europe, along with like some additional products through This kind of part of the entire world, is actually suffering a bit at the lack of attention to detail inside the quality of fit along with finish. “


we have continued testing: “the Duster is actually not an easy car especially inside the leadership. Although the pedals lightly operating, along with gearshift is actually notchy awkwardly along with driving without a very heavy help quickly along with parking. The driving position is actually very Great though, with controls along with keys in hand. “

I’ve been out of luck if you want to listen to Phil Collins on the radio, though.” The general racket [the Duster, No No Jacket Required] no worse than in many additional cars of This kind of type, although of which means of which yet another £ 100 radio is actually not worth listening to while bustling along in anything more than 60mph. “

along with Dacia better off doing somewhat in their natural habitat, although” four-wheel drive system along with Duster is actually one of the traditional type, using a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels through a four-speed. Gearbox

“in off-road conditions inside the Duster competent enough in of which they will go to any place on relatively inexperienced, off-road driver may consider looking for a fun – along with down to the lake with surfboards, for example

“This kind of does not mean of which the Duster should be treated lightly as an SUV. Her real weakness is actually of which the engine, being relatively little along with derived through the unit of the passenger car capacity, lacks This kind of kind of beating, low-down torque needed by the vehicle across the Great of the country.

“The driver should work to get the Duster through circumstances of which Aunt Land Rover, with nearly twice as much torque available at a much lower engine speed, to waddle through the gait relaxed”

is actually not all bad then, although the referee Autocar was barely glowing: “enthusiast-leisure bent might consider Duster to be a low-cost alternative to what looks like a sports open car, although of which potential buyers should be prepared to accept a lack of performance on-road refinement . “

certainly, of which can be a common current style be thankful for each of the fall of the Iron curtain along with the French maker of modern communication.

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Source: 1985 Dacia Duster road test – Throwback Thursday

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