1975 Fiat 124 Abarth Rally driven at Goodwood – fear turns to friendship

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Source : 1975 Fiat 124 Abarth Rally driven at Goodwood – fear turns to friendship

1975 Fiat 124 Abarth Rally with the appointment of completely new Fiat 124 Abarth Rally for the race in 2017, we take a drive up the hill Goodwood in 1975, the original


, “Howell, do you want to pay up the hill within the Goodwood on Sunday?”

“I do not coach, I do not.”

“difficult, in addition to also you’re doing which anyway, stop whinging.”

“boss Well, thank you.”

I’ve always tried to avoid climbing the hill at Goodwood for one reason very sound: which’s not a race circuit circuit can be great, in addition to also you can go round in addition to also round which will gradually raise the tempo until you’ve learned every twist in addition to also turn on the hill you get one shot, in addition to also if you screw up you look like in addition to also proper in front of 100,000 people [

in addition to also what can be the gain? The best we can expect not to crash in addition to also simply disappearing. Or crashing, being immortalized as a loser on YouTube.

However, I think I’ll be driving assembly Abart wonderful completely new Fiat 124. “Well,” I thought, “a modern car with strong brakes in addition to also the structure can be well sorted. which will be fine.”

as you can see by the pictures, you’ve got which little mistake. your vehicle I was driving was found which the original 1975 Fiat 124 Abarth Rally , with the amount of brake-old in addition to also 40-year suspension. which was a unique in addition to also very special, very, being your vehicle which won the 1975 European Rally Championship within the hands of Maurizio Verini. . So even more pressure not to crash afterwards

concerned, I squeezed my country in addition to also 6ft frame 3in in a bucket comfortable seat, in addition to also with ready-made my head because of the absence of Chairman of the Chamber in addition to also my knees around my ears, asked: “How do I back seat transfer ? ” “You can not.” Oh alright.

then a lovely man named Francesco, a mechanic Fiat, said controls me. In spite of his love Francesco does not speak English, so I just smiled gently as he told me in his Italian mother tongue dance for a dozen or so switches style gear. I gave him excellent as he walked off, yet still did not have any idea what the thing to do.

If you need to find yourself one day in a Fiat Abarth 124 Rally 1975, subsequent investigations revealed which a dog leg, a box of a few speeds, in addition to also the opposite can be paid down, left in addition to also above. yet some of the ignition in addition to also the beginning of the keys, in addition to also I still can not fill you in on what any of the buttons do

At which point I was bewildered heart in addition to also very British – Panic quietly, without fanfare. I was sweating like a pregnant nun in my overalls in addition to also race as well.

yet then I looked around me. Already saw Sir Stirling Moss in addition to also Derek Bell within the drivers’ club, in addition to also also lined up waiting for the League, Ken Block saw milling around, Henry Hunt – son of the late, great James – jumping into his car, in addition to also I was shocked at Liam rotation, the driver WRC World Rally Championship Cross.

, when the honor of what you are about to do not hit me. Although the cockpit tight steering in addition to also dash discombobulating, you’re going to be driving a smaller in addition to also very special which car up the Goodwood Hill: “Come on man, which can be a moment to savor”

as the hand of Marshal fell I had pointed out the Rev. counter needle in 4000rpm , dumped the clutch in addition to also with little spasm within the back you are outside. According to modern standards 126bhp seem puny – especially when you consider the completely new 124 Abarth Rally will have approximately 300bhp – yet which car weighs just 938kg in addition to also will hit 60mph in 7.7secs very respectable

was gearbox mite awkward, with the hard to cut gears which might hang me sometimes to dry. yet leaver short, short throw was a delight, while leaving the whining in addition to also the gear ratios are stacked closely no doubt within the competition proper proportions of which car.

we did have a smaller moment, in addition to also Abart in addition to also first start to enjoy myself in addition to also actually determined to put on a show, in addition to also you’re approaching Molecomb at a reasonable lick. Just as I was about to brake, the engine did not hit the target in addition to also the red light came on. I had no idea what which means, of course, yet the red lights are never not bad.

distracted, I hit the brake later than you wish, without any complications in addition to also what I can only assume was the front discs the size of a 10 pence piece, we did not erase anywhere near the speed you wish. I know a lot of grip nobly tires did not provide, either, in addition to also suddenly bales to mark the edge of the road in addition to also looking more like a concrete straw. yet there was no choice: I had to turn in on the brakes, with no idea how you might react 124. relieve the rear, in addition to also skip a little bit, yet which stuck, in addition to also we miraculously round, only.

in addition to also which was at the moment of the Abarth 124 Rally in addition to also I forged the bond we have. The misfire returned sporadically the rest of the half, in addition to also feared which the red light still glowing mean I was doing irreparable harm to my friend in addition to also the completely new engine carries a newly built, in addition to also fell until the end.

, yet I’ve done which. He said Mark Twain once said, “There was a lot of tragedy in my life, in addition to also some of which actually happened.” What started out out in my mind as a living hell, in fact turned out to be one of those great moments to look back on. Thank you Goodwood. Thank you to death. in addition to also most of all, thank you for the L697 45, my completely new best friend.

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Source: 1975 Fiat 124 Abarth Rally driven at Goodwood – fear turns to friendship

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