13 near misses in two months for Google’s self-driving cars

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Source : 13 near misses in two months for Google’s self-driving cars

Google car Latest figures for self-driving test cars also reveal there were 272 failures across 424,331 miles between September along with November 2015


completely new figures published by Google about its autonomous vehicle development reveal in which test drivers had to re-take control of its cars a total of 13 times over two months in near-miss incidents.

Drivers were also handed back control thanks to 272 recorded technical issues, comprised of both software along with hardware failures, illustrating how much work will be still to be done before Google’s self-driving vehicles can reliably along with safely operate unaided.

The figures were collected between 24th September along with 30th November of 2015, as ordered by the California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, along with account for a total of 424,331 test miles covered by Google’s fleet – made up of modified versions of the Lexus RX450h along with electrically-powered Google Koala test cars.

Of the recorded incidents, Google reports in which 69 disengagements were due to concerns for safety, though only 56 of those account for real-life situations. The some other 13 were ‘simulated contacts’, events in which are digitally replayed type of previous disengagements on Google’s online simulator. The simulator drives over three million virtual miles each day, along with will be said to be able to predict the reaction of human drivers, cyclists along with pedestrians to determine whether a test driver’s intervention was necessary.

At least the numbers suggest things are moving inside the right direction. In quarter four of 2014, Google’s cars covered an average of about 0 miles per disengagement, yet in which number grew substantially to about 2900 miles one year later. yet concern arises when we notice in which in which increase comes almost entirely thanks to improvements to reliability. Safety-related disengagements, on the some other hand, actually increased in quarter three along with four of last year – average miles per incident dropped coming from about 9000 in Q2 2015 to 6000 in Q4.

Nevertheless, Google says these numbers aren’t entirely representative of actual safety, because ‘the 56 events would likely very likely not have resulted in a real-word contact if the test driver had not taken control.’ Even so, Google’s words of reassurance will do little to quell the concerns of autonomous technology critics.

Google also points out in which disengagements are necessary in order for in which to ensure all possible scenarios are accounted for. in which suggests in which increasing the number of miles its test cars cover, along with therefore increasing the number of software fixes in which introduces, will help to bring the number of safety-related disengagements down.

Whatever you take coming from these results, they make one thing very clear: a true self-driving car in which can navigate through all driving scenarios will be still a long way off. Aside coming from reliability- along with safety-related disengagements, Google’s test drivers still have to take control when unfamiliar road circumstances, such as road works, appear ahead.

Google’s report therefore appears to support the words of Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, who recently argued in which we won’t see ‘true’ self-driving cars before the year 2025. His comments came in response to Tesla’s Elon Musk, who proclaimed in which his brand would likely be the first to produce an autonomous car.

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Source: 13 near misses in two months for Google’s self-driving cars

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