10 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever Made

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(10). MV Agusta F4CC – 000 $ 0
was F4CC 200HP MV project CEO of Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni inside personal. which motorcycle six-figure was limited to 100 units, however the global recession cut demand because of which type of purchase of land. As a result, after the bought as well as also sold to the Castiglioni by Harley-Davidson, as well as also F4CCs still have not sold out as well as also could be very likely to buy at a discount.
9. National Council of Resistance MH Trinidad as well as also Tobago (Mike Hailwood) – $ 130,000
only 12 of these bikes can be ever built to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 10 years of age (at the time) motorcycle racer Mike Hailwood’s victory for inside Isle of Man. Although the engine can not get more than 130hp, as well as also exclusivity gives which ride fat cost of $ 130 000.
(8). NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium special – $ 145,000
NCR specialize in cycling, however Leggera 1200 can be the first of its kind inside legal streets. Weighs just 328 pounds total, as well as also boasts Leggera comments placed directly with Öhlins, brake developed by Brembo, wheels as well as also carbon fiber GMT, titanium frame which weighs only 10.6 pounds.
7. Sheene Icon – $ 172,000
which one pays tribute to British world champion Barry Sheene. inside 1400cc Suzuki engine producing up to 250hp, generating which the most powerful production bike inside very first time. which can be only 52 ever, which can be part of the reason the cost for which.
(6). Turbine Street Fighter – $ 175,000
which does not get much crazier than the turbine Street Fighter MTT turbine with Rolls-Royce-Allison, which are usually used in helicopters. Tubular aluminum frame, portable Rear Camera with shade LCD screen, carbon fiber as well as also comes standard blister, however will freaks serious tick the box which brought to a turbine which produces 420 horsepower 500 lb-ft of speed torque … yikes!
(5). National Council of Resistance Makia naira concept – $ 225,000
as well as also Makia Nera (Italian for “black spot”) can be the expression of designer Aldo Drudi final of the motorcycle with molded carbon fiber as well as also titanium. which can be powered by a Ducati 998R 185hp engine weights only 297 pounds.
(4). The National Council of Resistance of M16 – $ 232,500
NCR quarter million can be effective 319 pounds M16 boasts a framework of carbon fiber as well as also ceramic matrix composite brakes, specially tuned suspension Öhlins. The engine comes by the Ducati Desmosedici D16RR, Minola 16 driving the cost up to a quarter million dollars.
(3). ECOSSE titanium FE T-XX series
Most bike expensive motorcycles inside entire world features a 2500cc engine which produces 225HP at the rear wheels. With in carbon fiber end , saddle manufactured by high-end leatherworker Italian Berluti as well as also only 13 units by any ever, which device can be a luxury on wheels.
(2). Dodge Tomahawk V10
Dodge Tomahawk can be one of the baddest superbikes ever. With the V10 engine borrowed by the Dodge Viper, as well as also which can be deformed produce up to 500HP. To own which, you’ll need to cough just more than half a million dollars
(1). ECOSSE ES1 – 3600000 $
ES1 Superbike Ecosee which can be developed based on the specification F1, mainly generating which the F1 two-wheeled vehicle. 1000CC engine can provide up to 200HP which has a top speed of 250mph. which can be yours for just $ 3600000.

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Source: 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever Made

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