10 Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz Cars of All Time

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(10). C112 concept, Vision SLR concept, AMG Vision GT concept – $ 3 million

the C112 concept of creating a masterpiece by Mercedes-Benz inside the early 90s. Clear to them some similarities aesthetic notable for McLaren F1 super which was revealed shortly thereafter. and also also also never entered full production, in spite of there being some great demand and also also also potential buyers. 6L V12 produced a little more than 400 horsepower using a top speed of 190 miles per hour through.

9. 1929 SSK car – $ 3.3 million
and also also also SSK sports cars was the seat of the late 20S produced up until the early 30s. This particular design will be the first of two on our list. SSK was one of the most successful race cars on very rare right now, experts estimate of which there are only about 5 left on the most highly. This particular one sold in Paris for a little over $ 3.3 million afternoon in 2004 . This particular car, with six 0+ horsepower engine in a row and also also also scored an impressive race, considered one of the best cars of the 20th century.
(8). 2002 CLK GTR AMG Roadster – 3.5 million $
for those who are fans just casual Mercedes products, anything with the letters AMG in of which the item refers to the Mercedes-Benz AMG, a high-performance, Masorh even the company of which surrounds Mercedes and also also also puts them inside the “beast mode”. Produced race and also also also street versions of CLK GTR and also also also they all look about the same and also also also the performance at the level of amazing, yet have a disk, modify and also also also large under the hood. CLK GTR reached the original value of approximately $ 1.5 million, yet the item will be estimated AMG upgrade edition, which became available in 2002, in about three and also also also a half years these days.
(7). 1935 500K – 3.7 million $
built between 1934 and also also also 1936, has been recognized as a luxury 500K design and also also also performance in a timely manner. He said of which among the more comfortable ride in of which period, and also also also made only a few hundred. Because of its rarity and also also also luxury, again in 2011, one of these ancient beasts sold for about $ 3.7 million in Monterey, California.
(6). 1955 300SL – 4.6 million $
the 300 SL was originally a race car, just like a few various other cars on This particular list. This particular alternative production took inside the period between 1952 and also also also 1953, while production made between 1953 and also also also 1962. The versions were made only a few thousand, and also also also of course, there are very few left. This particular masterpiece features gull wings (on the coupe design, not a bicycle, obviously), and also also also said of which the fastest car inside the planet when the item was in production.
5. 1929 38/250 SSK – 7.4 million $
This particular car will be slightly different alternative to our number eight and also also also sold in Dar auction in Britain Bonhams, since more 10 years later, again in 2004. as I noted earlier, the automobile’s engineering phenomenon at the time, and also also also was very successful inside the race at the time, so we can understand why the item was unique. With very few left over, the item will be not surprising of which these cars for the sale of lots inside the auction, will be likely to continue to do so.
(4). 1928 680 S Torpedo car – 8.25 million $
In short, This particular will be a rare obscenity car. In 2013, the item was sold by RM Auctions Canada based in California for $ 8.25 million dollars.
(3). 2011 SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream – 10 million $
and also also also I thought the rapper tossed money inside the silly, Golden nonsense! Meets Swiss businessman Ueli Anliker, who bought the SLR 2011 and also also also threw paint and also also also gold to make the item a beautiful thing as far as what will be ridiculous. Paint containing gold dust, headlights and also also also wheels are both coated with gold.
knobs and also also also internal tools and also also also jeweled all or involving gold and also also also rubies. All told, the automobile took 35 people 30,000 hours of work to complete. the item received some upgrades and also also also engine tuning, the automobile to a top speed of almost 210 miles per hour again in 2011 when Anliker was trying to sell the item. the item will be unclear whether he sold the automobile, yet he was asking for $ 10 million Swiss francs, which was approximately $ 10 million USD.
(2). 1936 1937 540 K SPEZIAL – 12 million $ 10 million $
much like a 500K of which we saw earlier in This particular article, and also also also 540 K will be a piece auction favorite these days because they are an outstanding achievement of engineering, a car of which was then seeking at the time, using a classic look and also also also a comfortable ride remain (only selling point for people who lead them, in fact). This particular produced between 1936 and also also also 1944. the item was very similar to the 500 K design, yet the item was an engine upgrade of which produce little more than speed, was the spaciousness to some extent.
there was a copy of the limousine, a copy Coupe (4 seats) and also also also two-seat cabriolet variant. While these cars are, as I pointed out, favorite in auction houses, several of which sold for a respectable amount of money over the past two decades, the highest two in each of the state of California, in 2011 and also also also 2012. 1936 was sold in 2012 the item will be the highest cost paid for the 12 car inside the auction.
(1). 1954 W196 – 29.6 million $
and also also also W196 one of the most successful race cars at the time. He competed inside the Formula One seasons in 1954 and also also also 1955 and also also also one, and also also also won nine of the twelve races and also also also the Second World championships. Engine technology which will be based on the plane appeared Messerschmitt 109 world war two .
in 2013, has sold Bonhams one of these cars for nearly 30 million $, which will be the second-largest amount for a car at auction Date.

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Source: 10 Most Expensive Mercedes-Benz Cars of All Time

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